Extended DISC Assessments

Extended DISC® offers a suite of DISC Assessments that identify an individ

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Team DISC Assessments

From CEOs to front line employees, Extended DISC® Team Analysis is everyone’s favorite. It is a powerful tool that has many applications and yet is so easy to use and understand.

Sports Capacity Assessments

Sales Capacity Assessment

Surve y Platforms

Reasoni ng Analysis

How Its Works

Extended DISC ® is a suite of scientifically validated, online assessments used by thousands of organizations world wide.

Unique features

  • More behavioral styles than in any other instrument
  • Extended DISC is difficult to cheat
  • More stable results than with any other instrument


The Extended DISC®-system is based on a psychological theory developed in the 1920's. Carl G. Jung created the foundations for the theory in his book The Psychological Types (Die Psychologische Typen).



What is FinxS ®
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